About Us

How it began...

Our organization was founded in February 8, 2012 in memory of Mahinur Jahid, who died in a car accident in January 2012 in the city of Lloydminster of Alberta at the age of 27.

Mahinur was an inspiration for the people in his environment with a big heart for his parents and family. He was connected with the community, engaged with sports and culture, and a young trade technician.

His memory shall live on through the efforts of this organization to provide young people with education, cultural and sports activities in the context of communality.

Who We Are...

The Mahinur Jahid Memorial Foundation (MJMF) is a non-political and non-profit organization based in Alberta, Canada. The organization strives to support the Bangladeshi and Canadian youth by providing access to a modern technical education, and connect them with the community through cultural and sports activities.

We love to see our young generation on a path of tolerance, global unity, integrity, and a sense of responsibility.

As that MJMF functions as a center for communication, initiator of events, and connector to educational and economical con-tacts, and the community.

Activities include presentations, seminars, symposiums, sports and multicultural events, and more.